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Googled Brangelina… wow…

Googled Brangelina… wow…

Yummmm :) Made a lamb tagine tonight with turmeric, chestnuts and pomegranate seeds from Ghillie Basan’s amazing cookbook.
New nails! :) Nails Inc. Feather Effect in Edinburgh with multiple coats of topcoat to flatten, and one coat of Essie Mattify.Oh… and my fave methyl acetate based nail polish remover.
Trying to refine my packing game :) I decided to optimize my outfits and make sure I wasn’t packing redundant tops/bottoms/shoes by making this chart and key. Left to Right: Key, Draft 1, Final!

Woke up two hours earlier than I intended because I had a nightmare that my newly painted mani-pedi smudged...!

Awesooooome.Archie and Charlotte Olympia campaign!

Silver Surfer

Adam Palmer